Tzin Begins

Tzin began with a simple idea: that fashion should empower women. Fashion should be energizing and uplifting, it should give women confidence and bring them together. With that idea in mind, Tzin founders set out to develop a fashion company unlike any other. This new company would empower both its buyers and its sellers, or “stylists” as they would be known. Tzin would bring like-minded, passionate women together and teach them the skills they need to succeed. This new company needed a name, and by sheer coincidence or destiny, "Jean" was the middle name of its first designer, its first importer, and several of its founding members. The word “Jean” in Greek is "Tzin", and just like that, Tzin Apparel was born.

The foundations of every great fashion company rests first and foremost on the quality of its clothing line. Tzin founders have traveled the world and partnered with amazing fashion designers to bring women clothing that makes them feel confident, gracious, powerful, and beautiful. But Tzin does more than sell attractive, trendy clothing with a unique touch. Tzin provides a place where women who want to increase their quality of life and make a living while staying with their families in the comfort of their own home can learn to run their own boutique at their own pace. Tzin is a sisterhood of talented women with a passion for style.   

Just like every great movement, Tzin’s origins were not without struggle and heartache. The first two years were met with numerous trials and setbacks, and there was a time when it looked like Tzin would have to close its doors forever. But just as Tzin works to empower its stylists, Tzin stylists came together to empower Tzin. Now there are ten Tzin owners united under the motto “blessed and giving back.”

Today, Tzin is operated by a group of women united by a common vision. Instead of competing against each other, we work together to ensure we all succeed. Tzin’s culture is based on the belief that a rising tide raises all ships. If you have a desire for personal growth, financial independence, a cooperative attitude, and a flare for fashion, then welcome to the Tzin family, We are HAPPY that you are here!

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